Week 32 2023

Week 32 2023


There is a fair bit of information for us to take note of this week. There is quite a bit happening around the greens and inside our club.

We have our Annual General Meeting this coming Sunday the 13th of August. There are still a couple of positions vacant – Treasurer and two committee positions need to be filled. There are nomination sheets on the main board, or if you wait until Sunday, these positions can be filled off the floor. So make sure you turn up and feel free to nominate someone on the day to make sure these positions are no longer vacant. The AGM will be preceded by a Special General Meeting, information about this is in the main board.

Team submissions for Mixed Fours is on the main board. These teams require two females and two males per team and they can be put into any position. This is always a great competition and we look forward to seeing the quality brought this year as the Ladies & Men join forces to compete.

Expressions of interest are up for Summer Nines. We had a successful campaign last year. It would be great to increase on our success this year with all the new members we have acquired. This competition was mixed last year so we expect it to be the same this year. Get your names up because time is flying!

Our monthly newsletter will be returning soon. This will be emailed out on the first of each month and will continue to keep our members updated of upcoming events, competitions, meetings and whatever else is going on with McKenzie Park Bowls Club.


Week 6 of Pennant came to a close. With only one more week of regular games to be played, McKenzie Park is looking absolutely awesome with 3 teams almost 100% certain to find themselves in the finals and our fourth team finishing the season strongly.

For the first time during the 2023 Pennant season, week 6 saw all four of our teams return to the club with a win. What a massive effort! There was quite a lot of changes due to the ruling of the Pennant no longer being mixed, but the Selectors managed to nail it and it showed as every single player & manager returned with a smile on their dial.

It’s going to be a big last week as multiple teams face opponents in top positions and we battle to progress our ladder position or retain our current rank.

Fixtures for this week: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

Pennant results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/pennant-2023/


The Handicap Pairs took a little turn this past weekend with the reigning champions Gary Mackay & Tony Price going down to Mike Curd & John Mitchell. This result was not necessarily a surprise as Mike and John have been playing extremely well lately. Pirate and Pricey have been plagued by injury recently but have still managed to put on a terrific show.

This leaves the Final playoffs to a range of other teams who show promise. There is some talent lurking around and this Sunday the 13th will showcase that as we move into the Semi Finals.

There is one game left to play in the QTR Finals. Rob Crewdson & Larry Bowdler VS Russel Hewitt & Glenn Ferguson. Come on down to the club on Thursday the 10th at 12:30PM to support our boys!

Handicap Pairs results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/handicap-pairs-2023/

Get set for a big weekend of bowls! Don’t forget to check the main board for Pennant rosters and get your name ticked off! Check out all the information available and we will see you all soon.

Good luck and have fun!