July 22nd & 23rd 2023

July 22nd & 23rd 2023


The boys are back at Robina again for their next round of the COC Pairs. Ray Collins and Clint Sheldon would love to have some support down there for an 8:45AM start. It will be a big day for them and we have every confidence in them to beat Musgrave Hill and move even closer to a spot in the Final.


As stated earlier in the week, there was a heap of movement in the teams as people returned from holiday and illness.

It really is time for our Selectors to reap what they sow.

All four teams look mighty this week and I personally think this is going to be a successful weekend as they have seemed to bolster all four teams and make them all extremely viable.

Division 5 GREEN look immensely solid and look to have already played the top teams in their division, giving them an easier next few weeks and hopefully a safe run to the Final. But anything can happen and other clubs may also have returning players.

It will be great to watch the journey of Div 5 over the next rounds and they are looking fighting fit!

Division 6 GOLD had a few changes. They too look supreme and by all accounts, they want to be. Their divisional ladder is bunched – each team is really close in rankings and they still have some sturdy teams to battle against. Currently second on the ladder, I have little doubt Div 6 will end up rank 1 by the end of the season.

Division 7 ORANGE was interestingly favored with some handy players. We struggled a bit against Paradise Point last week, but our new combatants will play a pivotal part in our games against Musgrave Hill this weekend. The rest of the rounds look pretty good for us and we look forward to seeing how our strengthened team performs over the coming weeks.

Division 7 PURPLE hasn’t been all that lucky for the beginning of the season. They have had some tough teams to play and quite a few of their players not at 100% health. But the Selectors have done a great job in giving them some on form players which will hopefully see them move upwards on the ladder and finish strong.

Definitely get into the club and take a look at the rosters for each team and tick your names off. As said, the Selectors have done a great job this week and we look forward to seeing many happy returns this Saturday!

Don’t forget Division 6 GOLD & Division 7 ORANGE are at Musgrave Hill and the times have been changed for these matches – now starting at 8:45AM!


James Simons and Neil Agar do battle this Sunday at 12:45PM. This is the final of the Handicap Singles. James is on 12 and Neil is on 15, giving James a 3 shot head start. It will be a great game to watch as both players have been on fire for the duration of the competition.

Good luck everyone this weekend! It would be fantastic to have all teams coming home with a win!