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Week 16 Wrap Up 2024

Week 16 Wrap Up 2024


We are one step closer to crowning the Men’s Singles Champion for 2024. The Semi Finals went ahead despite an earlier down pour of cats & dogs that put the games in doubt as the carpet green looked more like a swimming pool then a bowls green.

The teeming rain didn’t stop the show though, and it also didn’t deter a bunch of eager spectators. Due to start at 1:00PM, the two Semi Finals managed to get underway almost on time as the clouds parted and the water quickly evaporated making way for the teams to use the driest part of the paddock on rink 7 and rink 5.

Andy Wilton took on Maurice McCallum. Both men coming off some terrific wins, Andy downing Josh White and Maurice with a major confidence builder, beating last years Champion Peter Horne. Maurice came out guns blazing with a second end shot score of 3 and some classy shots all round. But as the game progressed, Andy became ambitious and kicked it up a gear and started to execute his array of talent.

Maurice held on but just couldn’t convert all important shots to retain ends as Andy finished strong and took the win 25-11. Maurice played a terrific game and should very much be proud of his efforts to have come as far as he did.

The second game of Larry Bowdler VS Kyle Asquith was a showdown for the ages. Larry completely dominating in the early stages of the game, looking like he was going to be headed to the Final to play Andy. However, a quick black cloud reared it’s head and gave the carpet a douse of much needed water (yeah right) which turned it into a bit of a marsh. Kyle quickly capitalised on the change in the green and made a return after being down 14-10. Larry couldn’t get back in the game as Kyle avalanched and made his way to the 25 shot mark with Larry being superstitiously stuck on 14 for the rest of the game.

A great achievement for Kyle, but a great display from Larry, proving he has it in him to take on anyone on any given day.

Thanks to Josh White and Theo Hitz for marking the games!

Andy Wilton VS Kyle Asquith do battle for the crown in the 2024 Men’s Championship Singles and looking at both players, each have something to prove and come into the Final super confident after some really well played matches. Along with their skill, this is going to be a terrific game to watch and may the best man win!

The vacant throne next to the Ladies Singles Champion Colleen Willis is set to be filled this coming Sunday the 28th at 1:00PM. Get yourself down there to watch the game, it’s going to be awesome!