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Men’s Championship Grand Final 2024

Men’s Championship Grand Final 2024



The Men’s Championship Singles Grand Final is set to happen this weekend on Sunday the 28th of April at 1:00PM. But you already knew that!

Due to Anzac Day on Thursday, we decided to put out this little “Player Breakdown” a couple of days early to give everyone something to think about. We want to express our pride in both of their efforts, but also give an honest opinion on why this is going to be such a remarkable Grand Final to be an observer of.

Kyle Asquith & Andy Wilton have something to prove. Kyle still being a relatively new bowler and fast learning the ropes of the game. Andy coming back from an extremely long hiatus and looking to show that the game is just like riding a bike. The road to this Grand Final has had some ups and downs for each of our members, but an appetite for success means their trials and tribulations have been minimal even in team game formats and interclub competition.

It shows that both players are supremely consistent on the green and they share a stoic attitude even when the average player would fly the white flag.

There are some very subtle distinctions for both contenders that are not necessarily a positive nor a negative, but can be the deciding factors for this game to flow toward either party.


Kyle has been playing with McKenzie Park for just under a couple of years. In that time he has picked up the sport quite quickly and after a few hiccups with his original set of bowls (didn’t have a shark on them apparently), has managed to sponge everything from outside intellect and incorporate that into his game.

Kyle has a superb draw and on a rare occasion which isn’t exactly needed, can pull out a rocket with a drive or a simple up shot. When he starts to flail with his draw and his opponent seems closer to the jack, Kyle has the ability to turn it up a notch and get those blue Aero’s just that little bit more close.

He loves long, short, medium ends. He doesn’t care about slow or fast greens, carpet or grass. He is very well rounded overall and he will be putting up a serious fight to grab himself his first crown, and one of many crowns to add to his resume as he progresses in the future.


Andysaurus Rex – as old as the Cretaceous Period itself, and probably playing lawn bowls the entire time! Andy took a decade off to run his Jellyfish Circus and returned in 2022, although in a limited capacity. During the first half of 2023 he became more soluble with McKenzie Park and the sport and expanded on that in the latter and pushes full speed in 2024.

Andy has a great draw, but also a nuclear drive and a whole heap of experience to back up his over-draw shots if need be. He adjusts to any surface as well as end length and that is evident with his competence straight from the mat.

The first Singles Andy has been able to participate in since his return, he will most definitely want to have his name etched into McKenzie Park history as he continues to ascend in both intraclub & interclub competition.


This is a damn hard match to predict. Kyle coming off some great games where he played lead in Q Sevens, and his last Singles loss back in 2023 during the Handicap Singles.

Andys’ last Singles loss was when pen & paper wasn’t invented but has had the call up to help multiple teams out through various competitions when people were away to give a helping hand – to the advantage of said team.

Both players are suited to the carpet and the weather forecast won’t really have much to do with anything in my opinion.

I believe this game will be determined in the first parts of the much if both players are on their normalised bearing. Kyle may be a little slow off the mark & Andy will take advantage of this if possible. However, Kyle’s beautiful draw shot may force Andy to play a bit more aggressive then usual and rely a little bit more on some luck.

It’s going to be a beauty!!!! So get down to the Club and show some love! We will see you at 1:00PM Sunday 28th!

Kyle Asquith
Andy Wilton

Kyle gets minus points for being a Sharks supporter.

Good luck fellas, going to be an unreal match up!