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Men’s Championship Singles Semi Finals

Men’s Championship Singles Semi Finals


We have two unreal games this Sunday the 21st of April at 1:00PM. In the Men’s Championship Singles we have reached the Semi Finals and these two play offs will be well worth the view!

Unfortunately, due to the torrential rain we have experienced in the past few weeks, the grass green has been closed to repair & recover. Therefor, these matches will take place on the carpet which changes things a little for the players. The bonus for the spectators is that we will have the comfort of the DOSA to view these match ups.

The first game is Andy Wilton VS Maurice McCallum. Both players in superb form and have come through the competition with wins against some of the highest skilled players from McKenzie Park. Andy is very well experienced and has been getting his fair share of games in lately, but Maurice has also been making sure to keep is weaponry utilised through Q Sevens and Friday Coaching. Both contenders are strategic as well as skillful and this will make for a very exciting game to watch.

The change to carpet suits both players and won’t impact their playstyle too much. Andy has all the shots but Maurice has a knack for squeezing a bowl or two through traffic and sitting next to the jack. It’s anyone’s guess who will take this one out and it should be an extremely close game.

Our second line up is Larry Bowdler VS Kyle Asquith. Larry often playing in the Skip position when playing game formats of two or more players, he has a talent for turning the tides in a game with his very selective shots. Kyle is quite proficient of late and currently in what one would say is a “purple patch”, having excelled in Q Sevens and making sure to keep his bowls warm weekly by playing whenever he has the opportunity.

It will be a pretty well rounded game with both players having phenomenal draw shots, Larry might seize the moment with a rare upshot or drive, but Kyle should have a bit more of a presence on carpet having played on it regularly. This game will definitely be decided on whoever is drawing the best on the day.

A great Sunday spectacle to attend! Don’t miss out on these games – the competition so far has already displayed some of the best games I have watched in a while outside of Interclub comp. Get down to the Club around 12:30PM to watch these guys from the start! Good luck everyone!