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Week 11 Wrap Up 2024

Week 11 Wrap Up 2024


Our 2024 Men’s Championship Pairs winners have been crowned!

In a game that lasted just over four hours, and was tipped to be one of the best Finals match ups in the modern era of McKenzie Park – Ray Collins & Clint Sheldon versed Shane Ward & Scott Warby in a game that did not let the fans down.

Last years Champions Ray & Clint had some close calls coming into the Final, where as Shane & Scott had moved quite comfortably through their rounds. With all four players making up half of the undefeated Division 6 – McKenzie Park BLACK team in Q Sevens, all four players were well warmed up and ready to rumble.

It was Shane Ward & Scott Warby who tamed the beasts during the mammoth exhibition. Taking home the Championship 25-17. Sad to see this end, because the banter had been thick and fast over the past week and the match really was anyone’s to take. The entertainment value was not only just the game, but the hysterical meetings between the two teams as they fought side by side during Q Sevens and shared a quiet one down at the Club.

Big congratulations to Scott & Shane and big ups to Ray & Clint! Here’s how the draw panned out;

Pairs are over, which means we move into the Championship Singles. The Fixtures for this will be put up later on today, with the first round to be played on or before the 21st of April to allow our players time for the Q Sevens Finals.


It’s the business end as they say; time to really knuckle down and progress through the Finals. Three out of five teams making it to the Elimination Final on the 6th of April. We are just waiting for the draw to come out and we will update the site and let you all know on Facebook!

Both Division 6 teams remained undefeated during the 10 round Sectional competition. It is looking very likely we will get to see these two teams battle it out somewhere in the Final stages. We have fingers crossed it will be the Grand Final!

Division 7 – GREEN made it through with a very healthy 7 wins and 3 losses. Green has battled hard and we can’t way to see them perform on the 6th of April.

Division 7 – LADIES, their definite ticket to the Finals rested heavily on their last game, needing to win all three of their rinks to secure their position. In the end they were overtaken by Dayboro and got pushed back into third place by a single point. However, we will hopefully find out today if they make it through on the “next best” rule because their division only has 3 sections.

Division 5 didn’t quite get the finish we hoped for, only just succumbing to Carina. Winning on shots 64-58 but losing overall on points 9-1. Their season now finished, but can also hold their heads high for giving it absolutely everything they had and making their mark on their first outing in a higher division. We look forward to seeing them return next year.

All in all, an amazing Q Sevens for McKenzie Park. Still a lot more to come, but each team put in some solid work during the Sectional and it’s fantastic to see a smaller club produce such quality. It’s time for a well earned rest before the action starts in April!