Week 10 2023

Week 10 2023

A giant leap forward for Week 10. Our Q7’s continue to astound as they move another week closer to end of sectional play for the year and all three teams in prime position for finals contention.

Division 5 – Section 2 took a little trip up to Beenleigh to face the top of the ladder and in form Muddies. With the forecast not favorable and playing the Muddies on their home turf, it was going to be a clash of the titans regardless of whether it rain, hailed or shined. McKenzie Park pulled out all stops to win two of three rinks with a 9-1 overall score with Beenleigh actually beating them in shots 61-57. This game was pivotal to Division 5 success as it now puts them finally in the top of their section in the coveted number 1 spot.

Division 6 – Section 4 continue the rampage as they took a slightly longer road trip to Ipswich to play the Miners. Two rinks really laying down the law with the triples only just missing out on a win. Shots went McKenzie Park way 71 – 48 and rink points were 9-1. Already on top of the ladder, this now sets the team well ahead by 12 points but still not home and hosed as anything can happen in the last few weeks!

Division 6 – Section 5 were seeking revenge against Broadbeach. Last time they met, McKenzie Park went down by a single shot overall but losing 9-1 on rink points. Difference this time, it was a home game and the team were as hungry as ever to get those wins so they can keep chasing the number one spot. They showed a heap of class to reverse the Round 2 results, beating Broadbeach 74-54 in shots and winning all three rinks to take 10-0 rink points for the week. Macleay Island still sits in first with McKenzie Park still just one point away from overtaking.

These last couple of weeks are going to be the hardest with every team vying for spots in the final. But if you thought the normal sectional play was great to watch, something to look out for in the finals is both our Division 6 teams look certain to have a spot. As much as you don’t want it to happen inside your own club, there may be a chance that these two teams go head to head. It will be a game no one wants to miss! Both teams harboring some star players it will be sure to be a major highlight – if it happens.

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Good luck everyone for the upcoming week and have fun!