Championship PAIRS FINAL 2023

The blockbuster event for the Championship PAIRS FINAL went off like frog in a sock!!!!!

Clint “Our Us” Sheldon & Ray “Three Dogs” Collins challenged Graeme “Gear ON” Geary & John “McHungry” McMahon.

With everything a game of lawn bowls in the final stage can possibly ask for, it was not ever short of entertaining. Draws, upshots, drives and the occasional head cut, it was amazing to watch our veteran players take each other on.

In the end, the solid duo of Ray Collins & Clint Sheldon proved to be a bit too hot to handle for Graeme Geary & John McMahon. Running away in the last few ends to take the win for 2023 Championship Pairs – 25 to 19.


Graeme Geary
John McMahon


Ray Collins
Clint Sheldon


A great achievement to both teams to make it that far in such a stacked tournament. Well done!