New Head Juniors Coach

New Head Juniors Coach

After working tirelessly over the past months to obtain full coaching accreditation and liaison to multiple other clubs around the Gold Coast for the betterment of Juniors at McKenzie Park, we finally welcome Mick Dashwood as our Head Juniors Coach.

An immeasurable member of McKenzie Park, Mick has been at our club since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Well, not as long as that, but since 1993. “Dash” as he is known around the greens has played a part in basically everything to do with lawn bowls. His name can be seen multiple times on the Honour Board and he has held positions in office repeatedly as well as run day to day operations of social and competition days and events.

The importance of having Mick as our Juniors Coach means that in a sport that is often thought to be only for the older generation, a young wave of talent will refresh the ranks and keep the sport alive through the future years.

Boasting a more than extensive knowledge base of the game, Dash is also an accomplished user of bowling arms and normal play.

Mick holds his current Blue Card for “Working with children” and already has numerous students well on their way to becoming the next members of McKenzie Park.

To get in contact with Mick Dashwood please use the CONTACT US page located at:

Congratulations Mick and we look forward to seeing a new generation of bowlers progress through our club over time!