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Week 15 Wrap Up 2024

Week 15 Wrap Up 2024


The Queen of McKenzie Park Ladies Singles has been crowned in a Championship that was all we asked for. Colleen Willis defeated Toni Anderson in a tough match that showcased the Ladies skill levels in many degrees. The match was full of everything the game has to offer from two such established players.

Unfortunately Toni got off to a slow start, trailing 12-1 in the early stages, poor Toni was forced to play catch up. But the score line didn’t hinder her progress. Toni made some length changes that shook the game up and put some credit in her bank with some much needed shots. It was a four from Colleen that really sent things hurtling her way and it was right towards the end of the match where Toni found it almost impossible to recover.

The end score was 25-14 to Colleen, Toni put up a very respectful challenge but Colleen just proved too strong on the day. Both ladies should be chuffed with their effort and I for one can’t wait to see this match up repeat itself in the future Singles Championships or maybe even Handicap Singles.

Ladies Singles Draw:

Ladies Singles Results:

The Men’s Championship Singles travelled through the motions of the QTR Finals. Some big names on the green with not a cloud in the sky. Some players got off to rocky starts but began to finish strong. Just when it was looking to be epic finishes on all three rinks, a massive cloud build up rushed over and flushed the green with a quick dose of rain which changed up the speed dramatically. Even veteran bowlers struggled to adjust in time with most games on 20 or more leaving not enough time to scrape together new tactics to finish the job.

Men’s Singles Draw (Round 1 – Sectional not included):

Men’s Singles Results:

Kyle Asquith & Dean Hall squeezed their game in earlier then the rest of the pack, playing on Saturday afternoon. I have a feeling this may have been a strategic decision to allow the winner to scope out the opponents on the Sunday. Kyle dispatching of a very much in form Dean Hall 25-11.

Josh White gave Andy Wilton a run for his money, but poor Joshy, just when he was set to be on fire, the rain put him out as he struggled to adjust in time allowing Andy to take the win in a fantastic match 25-22.

Maurice McCallum just couldn’t do a thing wrong. In a awesome display of 90% skill and 10% luck, Maurice deposited his name into the Semi Finals as he sent last years Champion Peter Horne back to the Club with a 25-20 win. It was nice of Peter to let someone else take the crown this year, it would have been a hat trick for Pete, but Maurice just proved to be too good on the day.

A fierce match up between Larry Bowdler & Kevin Clark. Kevin started like a snail but kicked it up a few gears to tow Larry in. His efforts were just not enough to silence Larry, and Larry remained constant to his goal with some classy shots and sent himself into the Semi Finals with hard earnt win 25-23.

There isn’t any way to do these games any justice by simply writing about them. All four games were worth the Sunday outing to spectate. It was really hard to keep your eyes fixated on a single rink for too long because there were cheers abundance every few minutes as players dropped some lovely draw shots and the occasional Mack Truck drive.

The next to matches in the Semi Finals are going to be well worth the watch too.


Get on down for these ones. You will kick yourself if you miss out. Two top games with four in form players will make your Sunday afternoon an enjoyable experience!


Q Sevens is now officially over for another year. In a highly successful campaign for Mckenzie Park, our hopes and dreams were slowly dashed as 3 out of our 4 teams that made the Finals were defeated a couple of weekends ago. Our last remaining survivor was Division 7 – Section 2 GREEN who had defied all odds and rocketed into the Semi Finals.

The Triples team of Mike Curd, Gary Mackay and Neil Agar who had been an integral part of the team just couldn’t find their mojo and took their second loss for the season which in itself is an astonishing production of their dedication.

The game hinged on the other two rinks. Needing both to win to progress into the Grand Final, both rinks were down by just a few shots in the last remaining ends. The duo of Lorraine Frankland & John Lampard who’s rink was undefeated all season, took their first lost with the other pairs of John Benigno & Adam Heiler falling short on their last end, spelling the end to their amazing season.

All Q7’s Results:

The season itself was a huge success. Four out of five teams making the Finals. Two teams undefeated all season. It not only displays the caliber of player we have in our Club, but also the ability of our Selectors to produce winning teams.

Thank you to John Mitchell, John McMahon & Tony Price for putting the teams together in their role as Selectors. Also for coming in each week to make alterations for players that were away and making sure we qualified reserves.

Thank you to all the Players, Reserves, Managers, Volunteers, Spectators and to the Nerang Community Club & Employees for wacking on a feed for all our home games and facilitating our visitors.

Here are all the players stats for each team;


PositionPlayer NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Hall, Dean960319715443127.92
2Stevenson, Shane950420215646129.49
3Price, Tony1050519817622112.50
4Taylor, Sandra74211477572196
5Suwannasri, Kannika940522217844124.72
6McMahon, John9405196211-1592.89
7Davidson, Chris830518214933122.15
8Cornish, Garry8305165172-795.93
9Muggeridge, Luchica513139390100
10Taylor, Russell30211228-1642.86


PositionPlayer NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Ward, Shane10901268158110169.62
2Warby, Scott10901268158110169.62
3Richmond, James10802297161136184.47
4Collins, Ray1080222012595176
5Sheldon, Clint770017664112275
6Asquith, Kyle1070321819721110.66
7McCann, David1060424720047123.50
10Wilton, Andrew10100000
9Taylor, Russell1010110100
10Wilton, Andrew10100000
11Houcine, Sam10100000
12Hitz, Theo1001433-2912.12


PositionPlayer NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Willis, Colleen10100026717889150
2White, Josh1090122795132238.95
3Horne, Peter1090122795132238.95
4Mitchell, John981021513679158.09
5Clark, Kevin1080225019654127.55
6Foster, Narelle870121414866144.59
7Brown, Craig962116713730121.90
8Fitzpatrick, Mark1054115911742135.90
9Taylor, Russell1010110100
10Hitz, Theophil10011232-2037.50


PositionPlayer NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1McCallum, Val970220917237121.51
2Melville, Veronica1060424218953128.04
3McCallum, Maurice75201296960186.96
4Vicary, Lyn10505162189-2785.71
5Bowdler, Margaret740317113041131.54
6Baber, Gail740316513629121.32
7Neill, Karen6312103967107.29
8Brown, Maria8305124147-2384.35
9Anderson, Toni2200563224175
10Kennedy, Rose71425558-394.83
11Baker, David1100301119272.73
12Fullwood, Robyn1100281612175
13Montgomery, Lyn20200000


PositionPlayer NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Frankland, Lorraine10901296140156211.43
2Lampard, John10901296140156211.43
3Curd, Michael1080226817098157.65
4Agar, Neil1080226817098157.65
5Mackay, Gary1080226817098157.65
6Heiler, Adam10406138182-4475.82
7Lucas, Greg10406138182-4475.82
8Benigno, John50500000
9Swan, Scott20200000
10Taylor, Russell10100000