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Super Saturday is Back!

Super Saturday is Back!


We have quite a bit happening at the moment. They reckon there is no rest for the wicked and idle hands are the devils tool. So to make sure we all get to the pearly gates together, the bowls divisions have made sure we have something on the menu whenever there is spare time.

This weekend we have Super Saturday returning, Q Sevens Semi Finals, a possibility of Ladies Championships Singles Grand Final (waiting on time & date) Men’s Championship Singles QTR Finals and some Pennant info!


Super Saturday is BACK! A maximum of 14 teams play off in two games of 12 ends in 3-Bowl Pairs where all proceeds from entries go towards the prize pool.

Starting 1:00PM, pick your partner and get ready for a random draw. Games are played on carpet right in front of the “Spectators Lounge” and the day is always full of a metric tonne of laughs. It is a great chance to socialise with other members in a relaxed environment whilst enjoying a couple of games. The banter does come thick and fast, so I do suggest wearing some armour. If the players aren’t having a healthy niggle at each other, the gallery of arm chair experts definitely get involved.

This little event pops up randomly on Saturdays & sometimes Sundays to try fill in some blank spots between Competition and Club Championships. So make use of it while it’s here! Get into the Club and put your name down on the sheet outside the Bowls Office, or call David McCann on 0450 406 456 to submit your team.


GREEN is locked & loaded for Saturday. They will travel to Pine Rivers to play Macleay Island at 9:00AM in the Q Sevens Semi Finals. They will be fighting fit in an attempt to secure a spot in the Grand Final on Sunday.

Only the one change to the team with Greg Lucas going on holiday and John Benigno coming in. The team is pretty fired up and the entire Club is behind them! We wish them the best of luck Saturday morning and can’t wait to see their results!


The Ladies Championship Singles is now in the Grand Final stage. Toni Anderson has been waiting in the “Final Boss Zone” of the competition patiently for the Semi Final of Colleen Willis VS Luchica Mudggeridge to complete. Colleen ousted Luchica from contention with a 25-5 win which shoots her into the strike zone of Toni. Both ladies are currently well practiced and both are just generally superb bowlers. They differ in play style quite a bit which will make the game very entertaining. It will be an epic Final to watch. We are just waiting for a date to be set and we will let you know as soon as this is decided on through the website and social media.

Check the full Ladies draw:

View the Ladies results:

The Men’s Championship Singles was timed to play on or before April 21st. However, all four games for the QTR Finals are at this point in time, being played this weekend on Sunday the 14th at 1:00PM. There are four excellent match ups to view and eight hungry participants. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top of these games!


Pennant for 2024 is not too far away. Due to start early July, the Club has started to put everything together to get ourselves ready. Expressions of interest are available outside the Bowls Office. Get your names down as soon as possible. The Selectors are looking to get some trial games happening which will be a heap of fun! Stay tuned for this one, we will provide some updates over the coming weeks.