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Week 14 Wrap Up 2024

Week 14 Wrap Up 2024


All Q Sevens Results:



It was a difficult weekend for McKenzie Park. But I think I prefer to start off with some good news before breaking the bad. Although I was going to publicise all things Q Sevens Saturday afternoon, I felt it might be better to let the teams tell their story – especially Division 7 Section 2 GREEN.

The silver lining in an otherwise tumultuous outing at Pine Rivers – Division 7 Section 2 GREEN overcame all odds in the face of adversity. It was their reaction to this adversity that let’s them determine how the rest of their story will develop.

Toe to toe with Aspley who had a really daunting track record, the team put their shift into overdrive and gave it all they had. They mustered up their talent and threw it all against Aspley, coming out victorious! Winning two out of three rinks and only only losing by a single point in overall score, this meant McKenzie Park GREEN won 9-1 in points and secures a date with Macleay Island back at Pine Rivers in the QTR Finals on Saturday the 13th of April at 9:00AM.

What an absolute achievement from GREEN. A sluggish start to the season, but a journey of a thousands miles starts with one step forward. And they have been putting every foot forward in each of their engagements. It is more important this week then ever to put all your support behind our troops – you will find out why as you continue reading.

Division 7 Section 1 LADIES also threw everything they had at Beenleigh, but just couldn’t manage to secure the win overall with two of their rinks going down, one of which by a single shot on the last end. It’s sad end to their Q Sevens. They deserved to be there and we would have loved to see them playing this weekend. But just to get to the Finals is such a massive accomplishment.

Their overall shot tally was 68-66 and defeated on points 9-1. Just two shots down overall against Beenleigh is just tremendous. We look forward to seeing what they Ladies come up with next year for Q Sevens, but even sooner in the upcoming competitions available in 2024.

Division 6 Section 3 BLACK & Division 6 Section 4 RED were our golden geese for the 2024 season. Both undefeated and both really playing a hard campaign, not only defeating their adversaries but doing it confidently as well as consecutively.

Although on separate greens, the games were extremely similar on the carpet, as well as on the sidelines. BLACK had a roaring crowd of Pine Rivers enthusiasts chanting throughout the match whilst for RED, it looked and sounded like the entire island of Macleay had caught the ferry over.

It just seems that Lady Luck took the day off for our two Division 6 teams. Little wicks were bouncing off millimeters in the wrong direction and the constant change in green speed with the weather seemed to play a bit on peoples weight and lines.

BLACK succumbed to Pine Rivers on two rinks and went down overall 9-1. RED also went down on two rinks 9-1 with poor Josh White & Peter Horne losing their rink on the last end by a single shot.

Overall, it is sad to see only one of our teams left in Q Sevens Finals. As much as we are ecstatic to have GREEN playing another week, we also have to find the happiness in what was an awe-inspiring season for McKenzie Park. A splendid effort all round and it may be over for some in this competition. But more comps coming up this year and I know that everyone will be back against next year to try and progress further. Great effort everyone and don’t forget to get up to Pine Rivers to cheer GREEN along!




A small window of opportunity with the weather and contestants managed to finish off the first round of Sectional in the Men’s Championship Singles. Now onto knockout rounds and the matches need to be played on or before the 21st of April.

Singles Results page is now up. Draws will be up after the next round of knockout matches.

Some really good matches coming up in the fixtures. They are going to be worth watching as we take one step closer to crowning our 2024 Singles Champion. We will review these a little bit closer to the date!