NCBC AGM 24th September 2023

NCBC AGM 24th September 2023

There is some sort of self satisfaction and achievement being able to have an input and an opinion to what you think matters. Whether it be your very own personal life, your relationship, your workplace or in this case, your bowls club.

The Nerang Community Bowls Club is holding their Annual General Meeting on the 24th of September at 10:00am. This meeting is open to all social members as well as bowlers.

The positions to be elected upon are the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary & a single Director position (Committee Member).

There are multiple people striving to obtain each position, so with a bipartisan view and my ability to express my right to the freedom of expression, I will try to shine some light on each of the individuals as our future place holders on the NCBC Board.


Robert (Bob) Chessor & Robert (Bob) Shepherd

Chairperson Bob Chessor

Bob Chessor is part and parcel for McKenzie Park Bowls. Although almost succumbing to a life threatening disease, Bob didnt let that hold him back. Religiously turning up to Social Tuesday & Thursday with chemo wreaking havoc on him – well before he even took up the decision to take the seat of Chairperson.

He has competed as a bowler for our club in numerous Club Championships, as well as going above and beyond to share our victories through Max Morris Memorial, Q7’s, Pennant and soon to be Summer Nines – both as a supporter and a player.

He has a proven track record as a past Chairperson and has been an integral part of Nerang Community Bowls Club for countless years.

Chairperson Bob Shepherd

Bob Shepherd has been our Chairperson from our last AGM. Although facing some hurdles in his personal health – he managed to visit the Summer Nines team in the Finals at Musgrave Hill. He has always maintained a very open, honest and encouraging personality towards lawn bowls at McKenzie Park.

Bob has a lot of experience on and off the greens with an approachable personality that has always been unbiased regardless of who you are.


Neil Agar & Lyn Montgomery

Vice Chairperson Neil Agar

Neil Agar is one of our resident Information & Technology (IT) gurus, continuously helping throughout social days but also applying himself to lawn bowls as much as possible. Competing regularly in absolutely any event possible. Neil has represented McKenzie Park at various levels of competition and remains stoic as he progresses further and further into the culture of McKenzie Park.

Vice Chairperson Lyn Montgomery

Lyn Montgomery was struck with a debilitating back problem that put her out of commission for lawn bowls. During her time off she served as the NCBC Treasurer – incorporating her previous experience within the banking systems.

Since becoming healthier over the past 6 months, she successfully managed the Division 7 Orange Pennant team and has enjoyed lawn bowls at McKenzie Park by participating in the Australia Day, Presidents Day and soon to be Pipers Day as well as hold her position as Manager in the Summer Nines.


Gwen Billingham & Luchica Muggeridge

Secretary Gwen Billingham

Gwen Billingham is one of the quiet achievers of our club. Always deserving of credit, but flies under the radar with supreme modesty. Gwen always helps out no matter the occasion and continues to do so time & time again. Whether it be behind the desk guiding or behind the BBQ dishing, Gwen is always an integral part of our inter & intraclub events.

Gwen also competes outside of her volunteer work at McKenzie Park, regularly playing and supporting both the Ladies & Men’s Club social days as well as going out of her way to venture to our club competitions away from home.

Secretary Luchica Muggeridge

Luchica has for a long time been in charge of our bare foot bowls on a Friday Night, Monday afternoons for the GCRS and liaison officer to the schools within Nerang to promote our club.

More recently, Luchica has managed & supported the Division 6 Gold winners in Pennant as managed & supported our Q7’s Winners in Division 6 earlier in the year.


Steven Billingham, Mick Dashwood, Glenn Ferguson & Rose Kennedy

Director Steven Billingham

Steve is someone not afraid to speak his mind or express the truth. If you know Steve on a personal level, he is all about the bowls. He is a very strong willed man who has McKenzie Park Bowls at heart and you can regularly see him on the greens for social days and competitions alike.

When hes not throwing down bowls, you can guarantee he is always the first person to put his hand up to help out with absolutely anything he can. His favourite job to do seems to be behind the BBQ feeding the weary travellers after one of our many event days.

Director Mick Dashwood

Dash as he is known around the club, has his finger in every little pie when it comes to lawn bowls. Liaison officer for Q7’s, team manager for Q7’s, Pennant, Summer Nines and also manages to enter himself to every single club championship possible having great success over the years in and outside of our club.

Dash is all for our club, constantly showing how much interest he has in bowls at McKenzie Park by helping wherever he can and is also responsible for meticulously putting together the rink folders we use to this day during social days.

Director Glenn Ferguson

Glenn is the old bloke with the personality of a young bloke. Always having a laugh! But when it comes to bowls, he knuckles down and has been part of Max Morris and Summer Nines.

Glenn also gets himself onto the greens for our social days almost every week without fail. You can bet if your lucky enough to play with him, you will learn something new and have a big belly laugh multiple times during the day.

He has previous experience as the President at The Manor and would be one of the likely candidates to take the position of Director.

Director Rose Kennedy

Rose is a social bowler who has recently had some minor troubles health wise that has put her out. She helps with the Ladies events and is often seen around the club enjoying the company of various bowlers.


These are some typical questions I ask myself about each individual. I have had the privilege of seeing the inner workings of our current board and I was a part of their meetings for a long time. I have also seen on a microscopic level the way they conduct, so I have a much better idea than most people what they actually do for our club and the members.

So run these questions through your own mind and then decide who you are going to vote for on Sunday the 24th of September at 10:00am.

Do they currently bowl?

Do they support our social days, club championships, club events and our tournaments like Q7’s. Pennant, MMM & Summer Nines, either as a player or as a supporter?

Have they been present at our Finals either as a player or a supporter?

What have they done for bowls?

Do they make an effort to engage with each individual member?

Do they try to increase our membership in any way, shape or form?

Are they in constant attendance at our club?

Will they strive to represent the wants and needs of bowlers in their position?

What do they do for our community?

Are they fair or do they twist the rules to suit their own needs?

Are they a dedicated worker?

When it comes down to it, we are a Bowls Club. Your vote is important and you need to make it count. Placing the right candidates into positions on the Board means we have a voice. It means we have someone representing the Bowls Club to push through items we need as bowlers. There is literally so much that needs to be done for our club to progress in the future.

There are multiple candidates deserving of their positions. It’s up to us to make the choices by turning up to vote and putting people on the Board that are going to support the sport of lawn bowls and prioritise decisions for the betterment of McKenzie Park Bowls Club both short and long term.

Good luck to all of the candidates and I hope we all make the right decisions.