Australian Open 2023

Australian Open 2023

The Australian Open (AO) is just a few days away from starting for 2023!

Although this means that both intraclub & interclub events are on hold, there is still going to be a metric tonne of bowls delivered over the AO period – starting on June 10th and running all the way to June 23rd.

McKenzie Park will play host during the AO to multiple events with club members helping with both marking and scoring. There is going to be some brilliant games played at home and from years previous, there is going to be some big names on the greens to duke it out. It is a wonderful chance to witness some of the top bowlers from all around Australia as well as several other countries as they battle to become an AO Champion.

We also have a small caste of McKenzie Park bowlers from both the Ladies & Men’s going elsewhere to compete, and because of this, we have put together some special pages to support this unique event and help our out-going participants.

I have done my best to peruse through the multiple events & categories and find our members who are in the AO. So if I have missed you and you would like to be shown on then please do contact us through our Facebook, in person or by email. Results for our players will be put up specifically for the AO as those results are submitted through Bowlslink.

If you are looking to go out and about then take a close look at those Fixtures or just relax at McKenzie Park and watch some of the ultimate lawn bowlers play right before your eyes.

Good luck McKenzie Park Ladies & Men and we wish you all the best and have a terrific fortnight of lawn bowls!