Australian Open Day 3 2023

Australian Open Day 3 2023

Day 3 of the Australian Open is done and dusted!

We have put together the Australian Open Results section thus far for our players who are participating:

Thus far, it has been a really cut throat competition for our players!

The sections are brutally difficult and it shows all around the greens with players of even a high caliber going down by large margins.

Kyle Asquith & Theo Hitz played their hearts out in the Men’s Singles but succumbed to the competition. Theo walked away with one win whilst Kyle, who is a new bowler, earnt a great deal of respect from his section opposition which included multi-national champion and all round professional Ken Emura. Theos’ section was also star studded with the young Riley Gerick who is a crowd favourite amongst the juniors and a very strong bowler.

A massive congratulations to Kannika Suwannasri & Colleen Willis who won two of their games and tied one in the Women’s Pairs. There was a nail biting wait as they finished before the other two teams and had to wait for results to see if they could potentially finish top of their sectional ladder. They ended up scraping in on end wins and margin deficit and when we showed them the BowlsLink results & ladder they were ecstatic, realising they were on their way to the knockout rounds. Well done ladies!

Vicki Day & Ruth Smith got themselves a win but were cut short in their next two games as their opponents were just that little bit too strong. A very valiant effort by Vicki & Ruth and it goes to show the level of skill these Australian Open players have as Vicki Day is a top flight female bowler!

A big congratulations to everyone so far and there is plenty more to come as McKenzie Park plays host to the big names around town over the next week and a bit. Make sure you get down to see champions at home and enjoy a cold beverage as we get the comfort of being a spectator.

We have added numbers in brackets to the Australian Open Fixtures page next to their section event:

This number represents their section number so you can navigate BowlsLink easily to find our McKenzie Park representatives and see who they are playing and what their results are. If BowlsLink is a little confusing for you, just stick to looking at our AO Results as we put them up at the end of the day!