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Week 17 Wrap Up 2024

Week 17 Wrap Up 2024


We have a new Champion! In a ridiculously close match up between Andy Wilton & Kyle Asquith, McKenzie Park has crowned Kyle Asquith with the title of Men’s Singles Champion for 2024.

It was perfect weather. Sun out, absolutely no wind, a couple of scattered white clouds. Then the roll up happened. Cyclone McKenzie decided to arrive and then grey clouds made an appearance and eventually it rained for the last few ends.

Surprisingly, both players adapted marvelously to the change in conditions and although they sometimes had a wayward bowl, their game was spot on for almost the entire duration which had the shoulder to shoulder audience on the edge of their seats to the very end.

It wasn’t until the very last bowl had been launched down the green that we knew who was going to go home winner winner chicken dinner. The match wasn’t always close as Kyle seemed to struggle in the early stages with a boo boo on his knee that seemed to irritate him as he clutched at it each time he performed a shot.

The injury was in Andys’ favour as he ran to the finish line with a strong lead. Looking destined to take home the win, everything seemed to go in Andy’s favour, although Kyle used his last couple of bowls regularly to clutch the end or cut Andy down to a single shot.

As Andy looked destined to take the win sitting on 20 and Kyle on 15, Kyle kicked it into gear and made his homecoming attack. Still nursing his boo boo, he seemed to forget about the pain and started to pile on some much needed shots. Both players lining themselves up for multiple shots of threes and fours, and both of them shutting down the other with a last bowl to get a one on multiple ends.

Once Kyle put it into overdrive, the shots came thick and fast. He kept throwing it at Andy as Andy went into damage control. Once on a roll, Kyle kept it going to the bitter end, taking the win 25-21.

It was a tremendous game to spectate and I think half the club knew it would be, coming to support both contestants in what was one of my most enjoyable games I have watched. Unfortunately there can be only one winner, but both players really deserved it. Congratulations Kyle and very well played Andy!

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