Week 6 2023

Week 6 2023

As another week goes by for 2023, we move deeper and deeper into competition and we see one competition end as another one starts. The early part of the year is always full each and every weekend!

Max Morris Memorial has finished normal sectional play. The Division 3 – Section E team managed to seal their position in the finals even though they lost two rinks in their final game to Paradise Point. They will head off to Robina next weekend to duke it out with Burleigh who no doubt will have a strong team put together for the occasion. Division 3 – Section D missed out overall but had a great season none the less and are already thirsty to do it all again next year.

Q7’s has passed Round 3 and this means that the teams are pretty much all feathered out upon skill and progress. This gives us all a chance to see how each team is fairing. With Division 5 – Section 2 currently undefeated, Division 6 – Section 4 also undefeated and Division 6 – Section 5 only taking a single loss, the future looks promising for all 3 teams and we can’t wait to see their performance over the coming weeks.

Championship Pairs made a start in some blistering heat and with the green being mowed a bit lower it made it a bit lighter then what has been the previous standard for the year since it was brought back. It played a little bit of havoc with some of the new bowlers. Trying to accommodate the roll on and adjusting to their weight meant there were a few lengthy bowls as the veterans of the sport showed why they are the clubs champions adapting rather easily to the conditions both on and off the grass.

Russel Taylor, Greg Dobson & Sandra Taylor took out social this week with a nice little pay out. It’s always good to see the Taylors names come up in social wins – NOT! I believe their social wins pay for their yearly trip to the Bahamas. Don’t forget to put your names down for Tuesday & Thursday this week! You have to be in it to win it!

Congratulations winners for this week and well done everyone who gave it a go! Good luck everyone this week and lets bring it home!

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