Week 47 2023

Round 6 & Round 7 of the Summer Nines are completed. There is a collective sigh of relief that there isn’t more than one double header in a season. It definitely takes it toll even on the younger, more virile players. We are a bit late this week, as you may have noticed the website has undergone a makeover which we will explain a bit later on in the piece.


Summer Nines Results & Ladders: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/summer-nines-2023/

Fixtures: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

Division Blue started off a tad rough, going down to Helensvale on Saturday. They dropped a couple positions on the ladder but managed to get back into third position with a win over Mermaid Beach.

The next two rounds are crucial for Blue, they need to win both games as well as maintain their overall score to sneak into the top two and make the finals. They are looking very strong as of late and are a definite contender for one of the top two qualifying positions.

Division White has been on a very steady track for the past few rounds. Currently tied in second position and coming off two confident wins in the double header – against Mudgeeraba & Coolangatta.

Also very strong, they will be looking to secure two wins in the last two rounds to make sure they get across the line and into the finals.

Division Purple is on a winning streak! A slow start to their campaign, but what’s shaping up to be a fairy tale finish. They also managed two wins over the weekend which bumped them up into 5th position, only a couple points short of a top four finish, or better yet, a sneaky entrance into the top two providing all goes well over the next two weeks.

Some changes to their lineup means they are well within reach now of a podium finish.

Teams for this week have been released. No real change to Blue or White. Purple made some slight changes that will hopefully bare the fruits this coming weekend. Here are the rosters for Round 8:

Two teams in third place and one in fifth. A single loss from one team in the past four weeks – and a tonne of wins, it’s good to see each team have found their feet and are continuing to strive towards the finals week after week. Good luck to everyone this coming weekend!


The website generally takes a large update towards the end of the year as we ready for the coming year and restart both intraclub and interclub competitions.

This year, there has been quite a few changes, most is on the backend, but on the frontend, what you get to see, is a refresh on the colours, images, fonts and pages. Some pages at the moment, like the About Us – which is taking a big update over the next week, and the Honour Boards – which will be completed after Presentation Night, are near finished and will be completed this week.

One big update we did, was redo the gallery. It now has a total of over 2000+ pictures from not only this year and last year, but throughout the years. Wherever I could scrape photos from, I got them and added them in!

Results for 2024 will be broken into “Men’s” & “Women’s”. With the Ladies now having a whole new committee, we hope they submit their draws & results so we can keep you informed of what’s happening with their events!