Week 40 2023

Week 40 – only 12 more weeks left of the year! The Mixed Pairs got off to a blinding start and everything was finalised for Summer Nines. These will be the last intraclub and interclub events before our Presentation Night and our last events for the year. With only social days left and a couple of random tournaments along the way, if anything pops up, get your name in quick, because people will be rushing to get any sort of bowls in they can before we move into 2024.


When you hear the term “extreme sports” you would naturally be inclined to think of something like bungee jumping or sky diving? But lawn bowls made it into the “extreme sport” category on the weekend at McKenzie Park. There was the sun, the rain, lots of wind and the only thing that didn’t rear its head was hail. With winds clocked at 23km/h and the temperature bouncing from 17 degrees up to 28 degrees, it made the greens particularly challenging and in some cases, traumatic, depending on what side of the score board you were on.

Some great viewing even with the shocking weather. The green was full and some of the match ups should have taken place later in the tournament, but that’s the luck of the draw!

Some notable match ups – Special round of a applause to Colleen Willis and Craig Brown, who failed to read the website, social media and the main board, opting to go to a BBQ instead of turning up to play their opponents Sandra and Russel Taylor. A reminder phone call was made and the pair decided to join us in their “It’s cold and I am rugged up” uniform. Their attire didn’t impede on their abilities, taking down the Taylors 22-15.

Last years Winners – Vicki Day & Kevin Clark showed some serious power, letting the rest of the field feel their influence when they had a very calculated win over Marg Bowdler & Larry Bowdler, 36-6.

Last years Runners Up and well known Brides Maid – John Mitchell teamed up with his significant other, Narelle Foster and got off to a slow start, losing at one point by almost 10 shots. Consistency and determination saw them tussle with Toni Anderson & Peter Horne until the very last end where Narelle through down some of the best bowls all day to clinch the win 22-18.

There is still a packed field for the upcoming games this weekend on the 14th of October. Take a look to see who battles who: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

For all the results visit: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/mixed-pairs-2023/


Everything is finalised for Summer Nines. Due to start on Saturday the 14th of October at 8:30am. The draws, teams and Conditions of Play are ready to go!

Here are the current team lists;

SkipAndy WiltonDoug PowellWes Holmes
2ndRobyn FullwoodMark FitzpatrickKyle Asquith
LeadVonnie MelvilleAdam HeilerNeil Agar
MANAGER: Lyn MontgomeryRESERVE: Scott Warby
SkipJohn McMahonColleen WillisRay Collins
2ndTony PriceJosh WhiteCraig Brown
LeadGraeme GearyNarelle FosterGary Cornish
MANAGER: Bob ChessorRESERVE: John Mitchell
SkipRussel HewittGlenn FergusonJohn Catlow
2ndCourtney WrightMike CurdGary Mackay
LeadDavid SpiesScott SwanGreg Bissett
MANAGER: Scott SwanRESERVE: Rob Crewdson

A large update will be done to the Fixtures page today: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

This will allow you to see the full draw for each team for the entire Summer Nines season. The Fixtures page itself will only show the game for that coming week as per usual.

Blue Fixtures: https://mckenziepark.com.au/summer-nines-blue-2023/

White Fixtures: https://mckenziepark.com.au/summer-nines-white-2023/

Purple Fixtures: https://mckenziepark.com.au/summer-nines-purple-2023/

Please make sure to get into the Main Board and tick your name off! This makes it easier for our Selectors, at times having to scramble to get extra players because people didn’t tick their name or weren’t playing that week.

Good luck everyone playing this week, especially our Summer Nines teams. We need to bring back to win for this competition – as it has eluded us for far too long!