Week 35 2023

Week 35 2023

A nice quiet week or two to rest up and then start getting back into the groove as things as we prepare for Summer Nines. With just some minor club competitions going ahead, including the Stan Capuano and the Mixed Fours, its a great time to get involved in our social days on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Mixed Fours got started on Saturday and there were some interesting games with some close margins and a bit of everything when it came to shots and some good old fashioned borking which provided some extra entertainment to the spectators.

We have put together the start of the Mixed Fours Results page so you can stay up to date with the progress of our participants: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/mixed-fours/

The Fixtures for the coming week are up: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

There has been a slight delay to the Handicap Pairs, but we hopefully expect to this Final played out this Sunday!

The Chicken & Prawn Day is well underway with a total of 25 teams (current as of today) nominated for the event. Remember, to secure your nomination, you must have paid your $90. Get it done as soon as you can to make sure you have your spot signed & sealed – if you leave it too late we will have extra teams ready to fill any spots needed. Make sure to visit https://mckenziepark.com.au/prawn-day/ and if you have any questions left after that, don’t hesitate to contact us!