Unfortunately our week 3 of 2023 has come to an end…

But that doesn’t mean we can’t report on the week that was!

Social Tuesday was forced to change on a whim to accommodate our ever growing player base. The usual suspects of Paul “The Gun Lead” Krekelberg, Courtney “Make Me Dinner” Wright & Russel “Walking Stick All-Over-You” Taylor disposed of a “grudge” match section where our always surprising Games Director on the day – Tony Price pitted some excellent match ups against each other in a Tuesday first, where the first round was not randomly drawn, but hand picked, for the betterment of experience – he took the time to match people of equal ability for both Lead, 2nd & Skip – Well done Pricey! It was a great day!

Graeme Geary & John McMahon took out the Social Thursday with a convincing win. These pair are bound to be the “Most Wanted” for next week as they pair together regularly to increase their expertise in the sport. With one of our best leads from McKenzie Park and a seasoned coach & skip, there may be a bounty on their heads! As these two get ready for Q7, watch and listen carefully for their names to be mentioned time & time again!

Speaking of heads, the Men’s Semi-Final Round has completed. On Saturday the always prominent fours team of Peter Probert, Jaime Phillips (SNAKE), Dean Hall & George Holloway could not quite get there against Peter Dymock, Russel Taylor, Ray Collins & Clint Sheldon. With cyclone “Gail Wind” roaming around it made it extremely difficult for our most experienced bowlers to adjust to. Great game and hopefully better conditions next year lads.

Experienced bowlers you say? Rob Crewdson (88) & Paul Krekelberg (88 in a month) teamed up with Russell Hewitt & Larry Bowdler to annihilate the much younger team of Steven Dawson, David Ross, David Spies & Roth Nilsson. Was an absolute pleasure to watch the McKenzie Park Men’s Bowls oldest members along with their younger-ish counterparts destroy Smokey, Rossy, Rogue & Roth27 to 7.

The Championship Final at 12:30:PM will be one to watch!!!!!


R Collins




Played at McKenzie Park – 13:00PM

Full results for Max Morris Memorial cannot be updated until BowlsLink is updated.