Week 28 2023


Ray Collins & Clint Sheldon managed Beenleigh with a bit of vigor, overcoming them 23-14. That puts them back at Robina for the 3rd week in a row. Now to take on Musgrave Hill.

Their quest for stardom has long been overdue with Clint playing skip & Ray playing third in the team of Fours which made it to the Semi Finals.

This Sunday at Robina 8:45AM will sort out the fogies.

Their expedition to state level relies heavily on their performance this Sunday and we all have upmost confidence in their ability to get the job done and continue onto Mermaid Beach or Burleigh Semi Final at 1:00PM!

Fixtures & Results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/coc-2023/


As the teams settle, so does the ladder. We are almost half way through!

It is going to be a very big onus for our Selectors to predict what teams they put in for the coming weeks.

But that is their collaboration, and you reap what you sow.

Our teams thus far; https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/pennant-2023/

There is an immense amount of movement with people coming back from holidays and we will view roster changes furiously as we try to produce a side worthy of a Pennant flag.


Pennant Gallery is up: https://mckenziepark.com.au/gallery/

Pennant Fixtures are up: https://mckenziepark.com.au/fixtures/

Pennant Results are up: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/pennant-2023/