Week 22 Wrap Up 2024

Week 22 Wrap Up 2024


Power Play Weekend – Pretty much the only way to sum up such a successful, well planned and amazingly entertaining weekend.

It started off with some of the best news we have had in a long time. The Special General Meeting took place to vote on the replacement of the synthetic green. Unanimously, it was accepted that we move forward in building an all new carpet green for 2024.

Although the current carpet has provided countless hours of fun, a new synthetic surface will definitely open our club up to a wider range of potential. It will be the newest green on the Gold Coast and one could assume because it will be perfect, it will attract a wide range of players that will want to have a roll on something so true and hopefully become a part of McKenzie Park as the club evolves in a direction that is going to be beneficial to all who come to play lawn bowls.


Following the SGM, it was time to move straight out to the greens and watch the Ladies Handicap Pairs Grand Final.

Jan Mitchell & Lorraine Frankland played Val McCallum & Vonnie Melville in the Ladies Handicap Final. Both pairs playing exciting games through the draw and on paper, there really wasn’t much between them when the handicaps were factored in.

Val and Vonnie just seemed to have it all down pat from the get go though, with Jan and Lorraine struggling to begin with and dropping some early shots they just couldn’t retrieve in the latter parts of the game. Giving it all they could, Jan & Lorraine managed to pile on a few shots but the retaliation from Val & Vonnie was swift.

Val & Vonnie muscled their way to the finish with a win of 30-16, but it was Jan Mitchell who amazed the crowd with how well she has progressed as a player. Still very new to lawn bowls, she has picked up the game marvelously and continues to get better in leaps and bounds.

Congratulations to all four Ladies.


The forecast was saying “cats & dogs” on the way. Radar was showing some big clouds hovering and an 80% chance of rain by 1:30PM.

Fortunately, someone must have some good stead with the man upstairs as the rain held off for the duration of the day.

In a McKenzie Park first, the Ladies Singles Club ChampionColleen Willis, went toe to toe with the Men’s Singles Club ChampionKyle Asquith in the inaugural McKenzie Park Club Champion Singles. (Still haven’t thought of a name yet lol)

There was plenty of support and oh my, did they put on a show!

The game got off to a nervous start for both players. Feeling each other out and getting used to the speed of the green. Kyle was well aware he would have to play a strategic game, but didn’t quite put that into play in the first couple of ends, Colleen punishing him for not having bowls at the back and turning the end around from a 3 to Kyle to a 2 for herself.

By end 6 both players had traded almost single shots the whole time, but were now completely warmed to the occasion. Kyle kicked it into gear and Colleen replied with her own means of destruction, placing some on song drives to spoil Kyles head.

Kyle just continued to place his bowls where they needed to be and even opened up the repertoire at one stage for the all important Cracker Jack Flipper, which was thoroughly entertaining for the gallery of spectators. His next shot he tried again, this time making sure the bowl had an operator attached to it and managing to steal multiple shots from Colleen.

It was just astonishing to see both players giving and taking throughout the duration of the match. You literally had to run to the toilet after they finished an end just to get back in time to see the next end played. There was not a single end where there wasn’t an assortment of shots played and at least a few perfect bombs rolled.

The biggest margin between them wasn’t until the 30th end where Colleen crept away to have 5 shots over Kyle. The entire game only having a difference of 1-3 the whole time.

In true McKenzie Park fashion, our illustrious President and marker – David McCann – knowing full well that it was first to 25, decided to add a little humour in on the 25th end, quietly calling the game between the players. It wasn’t long until he got a bit of a friendly slap with a towel and the laughs were over and back to business.

It looked all set for Colleen to win, leading Kyle 24-22. And just when you thought it was all wrapped up, Kyle must have had a pep talk to his little blue bowls and they came charging to the party. Securing a 3 which took him to the win 25-24 in one of the best matches I have seen at any level of lawn bowls.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Club. The new green coming in later in the year and a whole heap of ideas that will be great to act upon!


Results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results/mens-handicap-singles-2024/

The Sectional is now out of the way, but with Australian Open just around the corner, there will be a delay in play. We will keep you up to date on the Semi Finals when a date is confirmed.


There is still a little bit of time to get your name down for the 2024 Pennant season. We have quite a good list at the moment, but it never hurts to have more! More the merrier as they say! So if your interested in playing some fours, get your name down on the Men’s Board outside the Bowls Office. Even if you want to just be a Manager or Reserve.


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