Week 21 Wrap Up 2024

Week 21 Wrap Up 2024

With deepest condolences and a heavy heart, we send our thoughts to a McKenzie Park member who is experiencing the extenuating circumstances of bereavement.

It is not my place to publicise the persons grief ! On behalf of our entire Club, we give you our best of wishes (and prayers) for everything you have endured and we will be here for you mate!

Due to the very unfortunate circumstances, we have had to postpone the “Arm & Palm” day scheduled for the 5th of June.


The Games Director made a bold move – to have Semi Finals on the same weekend as the Grand Final for the Men’s Triples.

It was a grand move that paid off. Not just for the trio of winners, but for the spectators.

A little bit shaky at first – all competitors seemed to roll religiously into their roles within their teams and put the motions in. A quick strike by David McCann, backed up by Kevin Clark allowed Mark Fitzpatrick to secure a couple of early “ones” and take out the first couple of ends.

Needing to insert themselves back into the game, John Mitchell put his little green bowls close enough to create a head.

Josh White, although fully sick (not in a good way), complimented his LEGITMATE Grand Pa and gave their Skipper – Peter Horne something to work with.

After a few 1’s and 2’s in the few first ends, Horney’s team managed a monumental five.

The stress of a full hand played on their opponents, but the game was never over…..until it is over.

It wasn’t until end 14 that the head was tighter than my corset and the experienced team players started to shine…

David McCann put a pearler in and Kevin Clark followed suit. Fitzy applied his absolutely phenomenal draw to give their team a much needed 5 to retract some lost shots on previous ends to narrow the margin to a six.

The five was not enough to keep them into the game as John Mitchell, Josh White & Peter Horne powered forward and took advantage of David McCann, Kevin Clark & Mark Fitzpatrick. Asserting their stature as the 2024 Men’s Championship Triples Winners for 2024 with a well earnt win 22-11.

Full Results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results/mens-championship-triples-2024/

Draw: https://mckenziepark.com.au/mens-championship-triples-draw-2024/

Need I say more?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? More info coming later in the week 🙂