Week 17 2023

Week 17 2023

We waited, waited, waited, and waited some more! It finally came to a head today when McKenzie Park T took on McKenzie Park H in the Grand Final of the Q7’s.

For the supporters, it was already a win. For our players, from all of McKenzie Park, it was also a win!

But there were some serious bragging rights on the line! And both teams set out to prove it wasn’t just a normal outing for McKenzie Park.

It really went “down to the wire” as they say. The 2 Bowl Triples finishing first with “T” having a commanding win, then the 3 Bowl Pairs finishing soon after, with roles reversed and “H” having a dominant win. Leaving the 4 Bowl Pairs to duke it out to see who would get the final rights for bragging until next years Q7’s.

Being Q7’s is a rink based point scoring system, it meant it was 1-1 (draw), reliant on what was to happen with the 4 Bowl Pairs.

So here is how it panned out;

Game TypeMcKenzie Park TMcKenzie Park H
3 Bowl PairsJosh White
Peter Horne (13)
Graeme Geary
John McMahon (25)
4 Bowl PairsRay Collins
Clint Sheldon (15)
Garry Cornish
Tony Price (17)
2 Bowl TriplesKevin Clark
John Mitchell
Mark Fitzpatrick (29)
Dean Hall
Sandra Taylor
Shane Stevenson (13)

Q7’s Division 6 McKenzie Park H VS McKenzie Park T

McKenzie Park H





McKenzie Park T





A mammoth congratulations to McKenzie Park H on their win. An enormous congrats to McKenzie Park T on their Runners Up. An immense achievement for Division 5 – who made it to the finals. A gargantuan thank you and applause for all of our supporters – especially our managers, reserves, volunteers, umpires and all of McKenzie Park!

Have a relaxing Labor Day everyone, you deserve it!