Week 10 Wrap Up 2024

Week 10 Wrap Up 2024


Week 10 wraps up with some good news and a touch of sad news!

The sad news, Max Morris Memorial comes to an end for McKenzie Park. Both teams putting in a massive effort, with Division 3 – Section A narrowly missing out on a Finals spot. Division 3 – Section D weren’t so lucky in their quest. Not able to secure a win all competition, they were just outside of the win zone each game. One game equal on score, but lost on rinks. Another game losing by just two shots and a third game, winning by 1 shot, but losing overall on rinks.

Max Morris Memorial is a smaller type of competition, but what it lacks in quantity, it definitely makes up for in quality. Although neither team made the Finals this year, we were watching closely each game. To see the teams you were playing against and their player make ups, the end result is something to be proud of!

A special thanks too all those that competed and all those that came to support! To the Managers and Reserves and to our Selectors – Thank you, and lets come back next year with even more hunger to succeed!



PositionPlayer NameTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Hanson, WayneMcKenzie Park 26411998514116.47
2Catlow, JohnMcKenzie Park 25401106988108.16
3Armstrong, ChrisMcKenzie Park 25311847113118.31
4Brown, RodMcKenzie Park 263031311274103.15
5Tijai, SomponMcKenzie Park 2621313512411108.87
6Holmes, GlenMcKenzie Park 2621313512411108.87
7Hitz, TheoMcKenzie Park 22101563521160
8Benigno, JohnMcKenzie Park 2210138380100
9Bishop, CathyMcKenzie Park 241037797-2079.38



PositionPlayer NameTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesShotsShots AgainstShot Diff.Shot %
1Ross, DavidMcKenzie Park 1641115110051151
2Dawson, StephenMcKenzie Park 1631213410034134
3Powell, DouglasMcKenzie Park 16105107132-2581.06
4Pollock, SteveMcKenzie Park 1610586129-4366.67
5Phillips, JaimeMcKenzie Park 1501471100-2971
6Weidlich, BrianMcKenzie Park 1601562116-5453.45
7Taylor, RussellMcKenzie Park 110012426-292.31
8Taylor, SandraMcKenzie Park 110012426-292.31
9Pellegrinelli, KatieMcKenzie Park 1500578113-3569.03


It’s do or die time for Q Sevens. Coming into the last round of sectional play this weekend Saturday the 16th, we have multiple contenders for the Finals this year!

Division 5 – Section 4 is out of contention, but in a remarkable display of typical character at McKenzie Park, they are still doing their absolute best and rolling full steam ahead until the final siren. Coming off an impressive 113-43 win over Lowood, also winning all three rinks, Division 5 might be out of the Finals, but they are definitely not putting tools down and leaving the competition without having the ability to say to themselves and the rest of the Club – “We gave it our all until the very end”.

Currently in 4th place on their ladder, a win or a loss this week won’t affect their position, but to finish on a win would be fantastic for the team who has put literally everything into their campaign this year. They will play against Carina at Home – 1:00PM! So if your not off with the other teams or away supporting, come down and cheer these guys on for their final hurrah!

There is some red hot topics surrounding Division 6! Both the Section 3 and Section 4 teams are undefeated going into their last round. They are both 100% in the Finals. They are both heavily stacked and are in fine form. The question remains, will these two teams face off somewhere in the earlier stage of the finals draw? Or will they face off in the Grand Final? Depending on the draw, they may not get to see each other at all – in Elimination Finals, one slip up means you are OUT!

We will be watching, eager with anticipation to see how this all plays out!

Unfortunately both teams are away this week – there would have been nothing better to see than both these teams side by side on our home ground, going at it against their opponents and sharing some friendly banter.

McKenzie Park BLACK – Section 3 are away at Salisbury and McKenzie Park RED – Section 4 are away at Beenleigh. Both games to be played at 2:00PM, so if you have the time, take a road trip and give these teams some support.

Just as I was putting this together, the Division 7 – Section 1 scores were finalised, and oh my, has it made it a close ladder!!!!!!

Division 7 is going to be a fight until the bitter end! For McKenzie Park, we are hoping it is a sweet end! Both Section 1 – LADIES and Section 2 – GREEN are vying for their position in the Finals. Both teams must not only win this weekend, but to be safe for sure, they need to win every single rink!

If they manage to get the 10 points needed, both teams will stay in second spot on their respective ladders and will also mean McKenzie Park has a whopping FOUR teams in the Finals for Q Sevens this year.

McKenzie Park LADIES – Section 1 will be off to Salisbury to play alongside our Division 6 team. McKenzie Park GREEN – Section 2 will be fortunate enough to be at home with a crowd to cheer them on. We are excited for both teams and they have performed really well all season. We just need them to give it all they have for this last round and fall over the finish line. We wish them all the best for this weekend and we can’t wait to see the outcome!


Men’s Championship Pairs – Grand Final

SUN, Mar 17 – 1:00PM


Ray Collins

Clint Sheldon

Shane Ward

Scott Warby

HOME @ McKenzie Park

This is a do not miss game! This Grand Final has shaped up to be one of the best we have seen in a long time. Last years Champions Clint Sheldon & Ray Collins, against a well practiced Shane Ward & Scott Warby. No doubt this will go down to the wire with both teams having exceptional skill. It will be interesting to see who will progress on to represent McKenzie Park at the Club Champion of Champions event this year.

Sheldon & Collins have had some close calls through their progress but ultimately succeeding whilst Ward & Warby have had some relaxed wins on their journey. It all comes to the big clash this weekend – Sunday 17th at 1:00PM. You seriously do not want to miss this game as it will be a real eye opener with absolutely everything bowls has to offer as well as some guaranteed banter! It will be extremely entertaining and a great Sunday at the Club.

Good luck everyone this weekend! We can’t wait see the results! Have fun!