What an EVENT!

Our friends from Tasmania did their annual tour and McKenzie Park was one of their last stops before they make the trip back home on Friday.

It was an absolute fun filled (and prize filled) day thanks to John Posselt who never fails to entertain! Tony Price, Von Melville, Theo Hitz, Maurice & Val McCallum also did everyone a deed by contributing their time and making substantial donations which served to make the “Tassie Tour” an unlimited ball of fun!

The food as always was top grade and the company of the friends from across the waves was matched as equally.

A Massive congratulations to Elaine Saville, David Greg, Pierre Sallivan & Sandra Taylor for taking out the title of McKenzie Park Bowls Club “Tassies Best” with Katherine Pfund, Sylvian Camoron, Grahame Walsh & Louisa Farrel coming in a tight second.

Our games started with a very random warm up of one bowl fours. This sort of setup was different even for the most veteran bowlers from both Tasmania and McKenzie Park.

After 6 ends, this served to put the tiers in the correct order so that people were as equally matched as possible.

The next game of 10 ends was fours played with two bowls. This most definitely sorted out any dissatisfactions of not being able to correct a wrong bias or a short bowl.

Some absolute gems were thrown down on every rink and its hard to say goodbye to our counterparts, but there is always next year! And we cant WAIT!