Summer Nines Round 2 – 2022

Summer Nines Round 2 – 2022

Summers Nines Round 2 got off to a rocky start. Waiting patiently we were unsure whether the predicted storm would wash us out.

Thankfully the weatherman was wrong with his forecast and we got to get out on the grass!

With 4 out of our 5 teams taking the win, we solidified our position in the ranks in each division. Some close games, but we managed to prevail.

Big thanks to all the hosting clubs for their hospitality! I believe the best part of the day is the platters of food at end and conversation with some newly made friends.

It is great to see our teams turn up week after week, rain, hail or shine and take to the grass.

Even on heavy greens, everyone from all sides & clubs still manage to throw down some great bowls.

Summer Nines really is a fun event and we cant wait to see the progression of our teams over the remaining several weeks.

Good luck everyone! As usual Fixtures & Results are posted respectively on their pages.



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