Stan Capuano WINNER! 2022

The winner of Stan Capuano 2022 has been revealed!

With the game format first to 100, with bowls being given a score of 4,3,2 & 1 points in descending order based on position closest to the jack – it puts the “draw” game into proper perspective.

Marg Bowdler and Josh White took to the green to race to 100 in a much anticipated much. With both players knocking out favourites along their journey and both players respectively having a terrific record lawn bowls, no one was quite sure who would walk away crowned as the McKenzie Park Bowls Club Stan Capuano Champion.

In the end, Josh proved to be the quiet assassin he is known for, hitting some magic shots with Marg close on his heels. With only a couple of ends to go Josh sealed the deal, winning 100-90.

Congratulations Marg & Josh, well done to all other bowlers who participated and thanks to all the umpires and markers!

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