Q7’s Grand Final 2023

Q7’s Grand Final 2023

We wanted to wait for our players to have their chance to claim their fame to family and friends through social media and in person before we released the news – THE GRAND FINAL OF Q7’S DIVISION 6 will be between McKenzie Park T VS McKenzie Park H!!!!!!!

We have literally waited all season for this game to come to fruition. It finally has! But as interested as we are to see who comes out on top, it is far more important to congratulate the players on an outstanding season.

Both teams have been exceptional! With some sickness/injury along the way it hasn’t stopped both teams striving to make the Grand Final of Q7’s. It has finally paid off for both teams as they step onto the green at Club Pine Rivers at 10:00AM this morning to see once and for all, who is the big boss of Division 6.

So lets a take a look at the lineups for both teams;

Game TypeMcKenzie Park TMcKenzie Park H
3 Bowl PairsJosh White
Peter Horne
Graeme Geary
John McMahon
4 Bowl PairsRay Collins
Clint Sheldon
Garry Cornish
Tony Price
2 Bowl TriplesKevin Clark
John Mitchell
Mark Fitzpatrick
Dean Hall
Sandra Taylor
Shane Stevenson

There is a very solid mix of skilled players in both sides. Josh White & Peter Horne always work well together, which has seen them move through the season with some big deficits in their favour. But the team of Graeme Geary and Head Coach John McMahon – who regularly play together are most definitely a formidable adversary. This will be a tight contest without a doubt.

Ray Collins and Clint Sheldon have proved to be some of McKenzie Park’s top notch bowlers. However, Garry Cornish is one of our top leads and Tony Price is extremely consistent. What makes this match up interesting, is that both Clint Sheldon and Tony Price are both playing with injury. This could sway the win either way for these teams and we may even see a substitute get used because this is going to be an absolute slog out between these guys.

The 2 Bowl Triples is going to be the be all and end all match up. This is where there will be fireworks. Both teams constantly showing they are top of the ladder teams and so evenly matched you wouldn’t be be able to distinguish a difference in skill. Kevin Clark VS Dean Hall is very even with both players being great leads – this will be a very competitive situation that will start the triples off, John Mitchell VS Sandra Taylor as seconds will be interesting as Sandra can often pull out some diverse shots but John is perpetually close to the jack and plays a very supportive role with his bowls which he sets up nicely for his skip. When it comes down to the skips, Mark Fitzpatrick is in a fantastic purple patch, but Shane Stevenson has proved he can make those otherwise impossible shots. The skips are great players in their own right, but with both their leads and seconds being so evenly matched, they are going to have to really dig deep into their repertoire to gain the edge they need to win.

If I was a betting man, the odds for these teams would be completely even.

Overall, the success of both these teams is no accident. Hard work, perseverance, a little bit of sacrifice and a whole lot of love for the sport and the club has put these teams where they are today.

We wish both teams the best of luck! We wait patiently to see the outcome but again, a massive congratulations to both teams!