McKenzie Park is back!

It has been two months since the site went down. Due to the Christmas cyclone there was some major problems with the hosting of the site. I was mid way
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Week 48 2023

Full Summer Nines Results: It has all come to a close for McKenzie Park in Summer Nines. Unfortunately, the unicorn of Summer Nines stardom has evaded us for another
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Week 47 2023

Round 6 & Round 7 of the Summer Nines are completed. There is a collective sigh of relief that there isn’t more than one double header in a season. It
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S9’s R6 & R7 Teams 2023

The Summer Nines Round 6 & Round 7 DOUBLE HEADER has arrived! This weekend there will be two games over two days for our teams, which means Selectors had to
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Week 45 2023

Everything just seemed to fit perfectly into place this week! Clubs submitted their scores on time and correctly, which means we were given the results & ladders for Summer Nines
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Week 44 2023

Dawning ever so close to both the Presentation Night & Christmas, there has been some positive information coming from our interclub competitions this week! Fixtures for Round 5: Results
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Week 43 2023

Apologies for the delays. The District were away up North in Mackay and had to race back home to the Gold Coast before they were able to publish the Summer
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Week 42 2023

The heat has definitely set in. We had a very good taste of what’s the come over the weekend. Sweltering heat didn’t stop our bowlers taking to the grass though,
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Summer Nines Round 2 Teams – 2023

Some shuffles for Round 2, with a few people out for various reasons… Will be a solid round for McKenzie Park as each team has taken some big changes to