Mixed Fours FINAL 2022

It has finally come to an end! The Mixed Fours for 2022 had some absolutely star players in each and every team, but the Final was something else!

Inclement whether could not stop the determination of these players as they soldiered on his the freezing cold and a barrage of rain.

Team One consisted of Karen Baker (Subbed by Pat Dymock), Josh White, John (Teapot) Mitchell and Narelle Foster.

Team Two was made up of Melitta Dawson, Pat (Secret Weapon) Hill, Steve (Smokey) Dawson and David Ross.

It was neck and neck, but a few quality bowls meant some high scores were given away and allowed the team of Pat Dymock, Josh White, John Mitchell and Narelle Foster to creep away to a 20 to 11 win.

Congratulations all on a great game and hopefully next year the sun will be shining!

A full gallery of photos taken during the entire Mixed Fours competition can be viewed at https://mckenziepark.com.au/gallery/mixed-pairs-qtr-final-veteran-singles-2022/

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