Men’s Handicap Pairs FINAL

In one of the most anticipated matches for both the new bowlers and the old, most of us have waited weeks to see this final come to fruition.

Greg “The Wok” Dobson & Dave “I Can” Mccann faced separated at birth duo Gary “Pirate” Mackay & Tony “Price Was Right Today” Price.

For 19 ends the game could not be determined. Neck and neck for the entire way, the game looked like it might have to incorporate an extra end to rid them of a tie.

However, after a little scrum and some back rubs, Pirate & Pricey kicked it up a gear to secure some really nice close to jack bowls and take out the championship 25-18 with both teams playing exceptionally through out the entire war.

Big congratulations to Greg Dobson & Gary Mackay who are brand new bowlers. Kudos to David Mccann and Tony Price who are veterans, but showed what McKenzie Park is all about by partnering with new bowlers and teaching them the ropes of lawn bowls in a competition setting.

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