Men’s Championship Singles Sectional 2024

Men’s Championship Singles Sectional 2024

Men’s Championship Singles – Sectional is ready to rock ‘n’ roll this weekend! Starting 1:00PM on Sunday the 24th, there is a really diverse participation this year.

As always, a very good mix, but there are definitely some dark horses and some returning champions highlighted in the draw which is going to make for an intense first round of sectional play.

Sorry for the crapola picture, but if I tried to make it beautiful, I would be there until the Singles started in 2025.

Check out the fixtures for this weekend:

As per last year, Sectionals do not come up in the draw on our “Draws” page, but the rest of the Championship will once these games have been played.

8 sections to be played on Sunday, so let’s take a look at who is tussling with who…

Josh White VS Craig Brown

This will be an interesting one. Both skilled bowlers, but on completely different ends of the mouth piece so to speak. Craig will definitely do his best to keep the commentary hilarious during the game where as Josh will be a lot more reserved. Definitely one of the games that will spark some interest.

Andy Wilton VS James Richmond VS Dean Hall

See what sparks flow in these match ups. Andy is well established as a veteran bowler and although James is new to the club, he too also adds some spice. Dean is an extremely consistent bowler with a high level of skill. This section is another good one with a full three players to duke it out.

John Benigno VS Maurice McCallum

Intriguing match up here. Both players having a good reputation on the green, it will most likely come down to who has turned up on the day. Similar play styles, I believe we will see a close score here no matter who takes it out.

Peter Horne VS Neil Agar

Last years Champion Peter Horne will want to come through the ranks dominantly. But a first game pitch against Neil Agar can go either way for a victor. Peter has all the shots, but Neil plays an intelligent game and will put Peter to work.

Charlie Vinson VS Theo Hitz VS Larry Bowdler

Another section of three players, it includes previous Champion from 2021 Theo Hitz, last years Runner Up, Larry Bowdler and new comer Charlie Vinson. Bit tough on Charlie getting a trial by fire, but he is one of the “dark horses” in the draw – coming from NSW (don’t hold it against him), I am sure he has a repertoire that will surprise his opponents. Theo plays a strong game but Larry is surprisingly adaptive, especially under pressure. This will be a great watch!

Scott Warby VS Kevin Clark

I know Scott is going to be hungrier than a starving lion on a fresh carcass after winning the Championship Fours & Championship Pairs, but Kevin is no slouch and absolutely has the goods. Another one of the games that will go down to whoever turns up with their armour on the day. Worth a watch for sure!

Kyle Asquith VS Bob Campbell

Hard to determine the bite on this bullet! Another head turner for sure. Bob is under the “dark horse” banner having a good length of experience and a pretty sweet game. Kyle will be out to show his magazine in a full jacket against Bob. As per a previous section, these two play a very similar game and it should be as close as green on grass.

Peter Macaulay VS Bruce Sheldrick

Two Dark Horses One Comp – YouTube it! No don’t! You will get to see a bit of class on the green between these two. Each with their own individual merits, it is going to be just like the rest of the draw – close as all buggery! Itching for a spot in Finals for 2024, Pete & Bruce will surely stick it to each other.

The Men’s Championship Singles for 2024 is a scorcher. Some intense battles straight off the rank and to top it all off, we might see some weather over the weekend. Will it put someone’s fire out? Make sure you are there!

Get in early to grab a seat. Best position for this Sectional is going to be smack bang in the middle (off the green).