Men’s Bowls AGM 2024

Men’s Bowls AGM 2024

The McKenzie Park Men’s Bowls Club have been summoned for the 2024-2025 Annual General Meeting!

Taking place on Sunday the 11th of August at 9:30AM and nominations closing on Saturday the 3rd of August.

This is every members chance to have a say in what the next 12 odd months holds for our Men’s Club, but more importantly, this is the chance for each and every member to take the initiative and put their hand up to make positive change to help the direction of our Club.

You have a chance to put your ideas to work and strive to make our Club a better place alongside a team of other proactive bowlers who also share the intentions of making our Club a better place for both new and old.

It can be daunting, especially if you have never been on a Committee, but there is so many different life experiences you may have personally achieved that can help you succeed in your position, so experience is not essential and there is an absolute wealth of knowledge around the Club and from the current committee. Some may not be running again, but they will be in close touch if ever you may need help in your new position.

There is a level of responsibility, but the positive attitude of fellow members makes this an extremely fun and educational volunteer job and well worth the time!

At this current point, you are able to apply for any of the positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Games Director and 4-6 Committee Members.

So take a the chance. Give it a go! The members need you to put your hand in the ring and give it a try.

There are some minor business transactions to be covered on the day. Nothing too major, but you can read more about those as well as grab a nomination sheet from the Men’s Board outside the Bowls Office.

So do it yourself, or discuss it with your mates! Encourage each other!

I really look forward to seeing who puts their name down this year! Good luck everyone and let’s work together to shape our Club for the next financial year!