McKenzie Park is back!

McKenzie Park is back!

It has been two months since the site went down. Due to the Christmas cyclone there was some major problems with the hosting of the site. I was mid way through doing updates for the year and the storm killed the database, meaning I lost over a month worth of work that could not be recovered.

It was a blessing in disguise really. It meant the site would be down for longer, but it meant it could be started from scratch and done on a lot more cleaner surface.

Personal life got in the way so it took longer than expected, but we got there in the end, and what you see now is the product of that period of hardship.

There is so much more new stuff! Too much to name! But take a look around and see what is happening.

Due to personal reasons as well as club reasons, the site blog and photography will be somewhat quiet over the next 3 months, but we will fill in what we can and results & fixtures will continue to update as usual.

Part of the new updates, is the Members Area. It is pretty bland at the moment, but if you are a McKenzie Park bowls member or employee, you can register to get access and jump in on our monthly raffle:

That’s about it for now, but we will continue to work in the background – take a long look around and check out all the new gear!