Ladies DIV 3 Pennant – WINNERS!

Our Ladies Division 3 Pennant team are VICTORIOUS!

They have been through thick and thin. They have overcome hurdle after hurdle. But in the end, they did what they do best – earn victory!

In a match that looked certain to award Mermaid the trophy, our ladies persevered up until the very last end, until the very last bowl was released.

The spectators were in awe as the last bowl cruised down the green and carried the jack to one of our very own bowls and handed the win to the McKenzie Park Division Ladies Pennant team to steal the victory 52-50.

Our ladies have worked tirelessly through out the season, practicing on free days and entering themselves in every interclub event possible. Their diligence paid off as they brought the shield home!

All of the McKenzie Park Highlanders are extremely proud of their accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!

Thank you all for being a part of our wonderful club and special thank you to Peter Jones from Paj Photos for capturing those moments.

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