June & July Catch Up 2023

June & July Catch Up 2023

The Australian Open is finished for yet another year. This year we had more participants go in it than ever before and we hope to keep putting our players into the competition because it is a great experience and even the most accomplished bowlers still manage to learn some new tricks as there is people from all over the world and most of the best lawn bowlers in Australia are always present and willing to have a chat. To see how our players faired, check out the results:

Women’s Results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/ao-womens-2023/

Men’s Results: https://mckenziepark.com.au/results-2/ao-mens-2023/

The Thank You Day which was a club first, took place on Saturday. What a day it was! With more food than Costco, plus a whopping 20KG of prawns fresh from the trawlers, the day was full of friendship and newly made memories. There was Spiders, Corner 2 Corner and a lengthy game of Triples. Special thanks to Steve and Gwen Billingham, John Mitchell, Peter Horne, Russell Taylor, Russell Hewitt and Tony Price and to the Club and our Members for making this a wonderful day.

And that is exactly what the day was all about. Thanking each and every person a part of our club. In particular, the Q7’s teams, managers and volunteers who brought home the bacon with a Finals win and Runners Up with the third team making it all the way to the Semi Finals. Also the countless players who have travelled and represented the club on all levels – Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Prawn Days, 5-A-Side, Enduro and many many more! It has been a fantastic year thus far and we are only half way through! To everyone who helped with the Australian Open (there is far too many to name)! There is hundreds of members that make our club, and that showed on the Thank You Day with well over one hundred people in attendance. Each and every one of you deserves to be thanked.

Coming up this weekend on Saturday the 1st of July, we make our way to destinations unknown as yet for the Pennant season Round 1. Rumour has it the draw might come out some time today. When it does, we will be updating our Fixtures and there will be a new Results page for Pennant. The teams are looking mighty fine on paper and a job well done by our selectors. It is going to be an incredible competition as usual and we look forward to seeing our teams progress through the season. Good luck everyone!

The Men’s Handicap Singles got off to a start with one section playing. You will see the rest play next Sunday the 2nd unless otherwise specified by the players, who might jump in during the week to get it out the way before Pennant. Results for the Handicap Singles will not be available until normal knock out round commence.

Men’s Fours for Champion of Champions are also on Sunday. Clint Sheldon, Ray Collins, Russel Taylor and Peter Dymock will be at Robina from 8:30AM taking on all the others Fours winners from each club in our district. It will be a big day and it will be worth going to support our team because they will definitely be displaying some awesome bowls!

Good luck everyone through the next week, have fun and we will see you at the club!