Easter Pairs SAT 8th 2023

Easter Pairs SAT 8th 2023

The Easter Pairs for 2023 have concluded the first half of the competition. With a random draw to play for placement on the Sunday, teams were given random opponents to fight for their designated divisions for Easter Sunday.

A mass of high class bowlers went head to head to do their best to make it into the highest division, but with so many classy bowlers on the greens, it was hard yards as each team played four games of 12 ends in total.

The final rankings for day one are as follows;

Each team now have the knowledge of who is in their division and with it being round robin, they play each opponent once tomorrow in three games of 15 ends.

We will give a more in depth update on results tomorrow, but we have put together the Easter Pairs gallery with an abundance of photos taken today!

Check it out: https://mckenziepark.com.au/easter-pairs-gallery-2023/

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had their belly filled with the terrific food! Good luck to everyone tomorrow and have fun!