Easter Pairs 2024

Easter Pairs 2024

Easter Pairs is back again! It seems time just keeps rushing past, just as we finish this event, it’s time to organise it all again and before we know it, it is upon us.

I hope everyone has their fingers and toes crossed for this weather. Careful observation of the weather forecasts says it’s going to be mostly clear for the weekend with a few clouds. Have to take the forecast with a grain of salt though, I find them to be about as reliable as a screen door on a submarine.

None the less, the show most go on! Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of March – McKenzie Park Highlanders & Nerang Community Bowls Club’s most epic competition on our annual calendar! Players and volunteers are encouraged to arrive on both days at 8:00AM or as close to as possible to get the proceedings started.

The biggest prize money on offer, our only competition that is two days long, and a tournament that is open to absolutely anyone!

Our best opportunity in 2024 to display our club across all of Australia – our new extensions almost complete, our Q Sevens teams on the brink of stardom and our club thriving atmospherically due to the background work of our entire Board, Ladies & Men’s Committees.

This year, we view a slight change with a new sub-committee. Luchica Muggeridge, Shane Stevenson & Chris Davidson have come into the mix. Individually providing a unique dimension to “Easter Pairs 2024”. Although the tournament itself will remain the same, the off-green advantages will cater towards the spectators – pre-game food (homemade), large raffles, on-screen results, photographic opportunities and some music on our Clubs new speakers!

Easter Pairs over the past years has demonstrated the reach of a well organised tournament, having participants from as far as Tasmania and as close as South Tweed in past years. We look forward to seeing the random array of colours from all the other clubs, as well as the big names, as each year the Committee seeks to positively progress our most sort after competition.

Speaking of big names, last year’s Champs – Clinton Bailey & Peter Leon JR are returning. 2022 Champs David McCann & Reed Burgess are also in the mix. Russel & Sandra Taylor are sharking around, and I dare say another team to watch out for is the McKenzie Park Greenkeepers of Jackie & Graham Shilllington. From then on, it’s whoever the managing directors have on their speed dial list and there are already some great teams lurking – it’s shaping up to be an absolute monster!!!

This year more than ever, is going to be anticipated as the biggest Easter Pairs EVER!


Unfortunately weather played havoc with the participants last Sunday, a couple of games did get played earlier in the day, but the majority didn’t get to play. The Championship has been deferred to April 7th – but keep a close eye out on the website and social media, with quite a few players in Q Sevens, we will more than likely see these games get played before hand.
Good luck everyone this weekend!