Easter 2023

Easter 2023

Happy Easter to everyone!

We hope you have a wonderful and very safe weekend!

Whatever your beliefs, Easter is a weekend that isn’t just about giving/receiving chocolate and presents. Sure, we all get some much needed rest and recuperation from work, some much needed RnR time for most. But like most holidays in Australia, it is about friendship and family.

So what does that have to do with bowls?

Lawn bowls offers so much to everyone, whether you play or spectate. Besides the obvious for players; improved health & fitness, coordination, skill development, increased self-esteem and confidence. For spectators; bigger biceps and if you do it well, you may be able to increase that six pack to a keg!

But one of the main things lawn bowls offers, is a bond like no other sport. You have the chance to be able to converse throughout the entire game. You make bonds with opponents that are everlasting. There is a mutual respect and an etiquette that you don’t find in any other sport.

McKenzie Park has one of the most loving tribes in our district! For most, it has been a home away from home for years. McKenzie Park – “A bowls club that welcomes all”.

So this Easter, if you want to make new friends, or connect with old ones. If you just want a good yarn, or some great company, join us Saturday and Sunday for the Easter Pairs.

We take no responsibility for enjoyment & laughter.

Today, we share some of what McKenzie Park Bowls Club is all about. We truly hope this brings a smile to your face, but unfortunately we totally understand that some of you may look back at these and remember when your hair wasn’t grey. We also pay respect to those who are no longer with us.