Chicken & Prawn Day

Chicken & Prawn Day

McKenzie Park Men’s Bowls Club with incorporation and sponsorship from the Nerang Community Bowls Club ran our inaugural “Chicken & Prawn Day” yesterday on the 30th of September.

90 players took to the greens for the 2-Bowl-Triples and with every club in our district having at least one representative for the mufti day (plain clothing) it was bound to be a spectacular day!

15 rinks in total thanks to our Greenkeepers, we were destined to have a glorious day!

There isnt much more to be said, I am still fat from the best ever feed!!!!!!!

Thankyou to all of our friends who attended, all of our volunteers and especially all of our donators! There is too many to name and I would feel upset if I forgot someone if tried to!

Check out the photos!:

Put your email in, next time, you will get addressed as soon as one of our next events come out!!!!!!!!!!!

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Random Prize$120Sompon, Bob Chessor & Theo Hitz
Winner Round One$120+27Dain Murphey, Paul Round & Leon Sheedy
Winner Round Two$120+15Mike Curd, Scott Swann & Kyle Asquith
Third Place$240+37Pete Pollock, Steve Pollock & Rob Pollock
Second Place$360+39Mark Fitzpatrick, John Mitchell & Paul Staggard
First Place$600+41Russel Taylor, David McCann & Sandra Taylor