Another Bonza Weekend Ahead

Another Bonza Weekend Ahead

I tell you what, there is something that gets me excited far more then it should in reality. A weekend full of bowls. What even gets the spine tingling that much more, is when it’s bowls all weekend at McKenzie Park!

Before we get into that, we were sent some results last night from a tournament our Ladies ventured to. Eight of our Ladies travelled to Beenleigh for the Jubilee Cup Tournament. Sandra Taylor, Margaret Bowdler, Robyn Fullwood, Karen Neill, Toni Anderson, Lyn Vicary, Vonnie Melville and Narelle Foster combined two teams of four to do battle on Sunday.

Coming out in first place, I wouldn’t have expected any less with those eight ladies in two combined teams of four. With a total score of 85 points, their closest opponent came in second with a 4+25.

Congratulations Ladies! Some quality players representing McKenzie Park and a lovely trophy to be holding up! Very well done.


Kicking off at 9:00AM we have a Special General Meeting with one item on the agenda – To Discuss & Approve the rebuild of the Synthetic Carpet Green. We will be able to vote on this matter, and we will also be given information about the type of carpet being put down and the time frame in which we will be looking to have it finished by. Very exciting news and we will have more on this next week when we get all the details.

Following the SGM, the Ladies will be playing their Handicap Pairs Grand FinalLorraine Frankland & Jan Mitchell VS Vonnie Melville & Val McCallum. Both teams have come through the draw with some close wins, managing to secure those games and move all the way to the Grand Final. Neither team has had an easy run up unto this stage of the competition, both duos having to face excellent teams in the Semis, but still managing to keep rolling on to make sure they were a Grand Final Contender.

Lorraine Frankland is always consistent. A pleasure to play with, and against, she always has the bowls she needs to win all important ends. New bowler Jan Mitchell is moving forward in leaps and bounds, having really excelled over the past couple of months. Having the experience of Lorraine by her side, these two Ladies are going to bring it on Saturday!

The combination of Vonnie Melville & Val McCallum is a mammoth task for any team to overcome. Playing together frequently over the years, the Ladies know inside and out of each others bowls and if ever one is flailing, the other is quick to apply support and bring them both up to the level they would expect of themselves to be playing at. They are going to be a tough team to knock off, but it makes for an awesome game.

With the game starting just after our SGM, would be great for everyone to grab a beverage and support the Ladies in the Grand Final! Good luck everyone! Going to be a blast to watch.

True Club Champion” is on! To be honest, we struggled to think of a name for this, but what’s in a name? We will most likely change it next year lol. But for now, the True Club Champion is on this Saturday at 12:30PM.

After Colleen Willis and Kyle Asquith mounted their names on the Honour Board for 2024, winning their Ladies Championship Singles & Men’s Championship Singles respectively, they were both hungry for more.

A simple phone call and these two contestants threw their names into the ring quicker then Usain Bolt runs a 100m.

And what a game we are going to have. Both great bowlers and have been performing really well as of late. But their individual style of bowls, as well as the bowls they both use, equates to this game being something completely different and spectacular.

Colleen is using Edge, which have a really tight draw line. She also can move a head around with her cannon drive. Kyle is armoured up with Aero and has a great draw, which could work both ways in this match. Putting bowls in the head could be advantageous to him, but having too many in the head could spell doom as Colleen lets a power drive go. If Kyle can play a strategic game and put pressure on Colleen early up, this will go down to the wire. However, if Kyle isn’t playing steps ahead and reading the head, Colleen won’t take any prisoners and could easily score herself some multiples.

It is going to be a fantastic game and it will be interesting to see if either player changes much on their play style to contain their opponent or just settle into to their usual groove. The first few ends will definitely be about feeling each other out with both players suspected to move into their full repertoire around end 6.

It’s anyone game – and only one will be holding the brand new perpetual trophy which will be engraved and awarded on Presentation Night. Good luck Colleen & Kyle! We cant wait!


More bowls! We love it! Sunday morning the Ladies are off to Mudgeeraba for a District event. We are waiting on more information for this which isn’t yet available. But we will let you know later in the week when it is made public.

The Men start their Handicap SinglesRound 1 at 9:00AM. The draw is coming out later today and we will have Fixtures and Results when we get a hold of them. Handicap Singles always makes for a good afternoon. It is rarely just a single game per section and in some cases, we might even see three. You can guarantee there will be bowls all afternoon and will provide some entertainment for our Sunday session!

Another jam packed weekend, continuing on from the weekend just past. I think we might get a petition together and make this a usual occurrence. That’s if you have the energy? It’s easy for us just sitting on the sidelines and offering our Grandmaster experience through commentary. And I am enjoying every minute of these super weekends!

Good luck everyone and have fun!