04/12/22 Ham Day

04/12/22 Ham Day

Thank you everyone for participating in our “Ham Day” today! With 36 players and only one green it was a wonderful day!

Special thanks to Mick Dashwood & John Mitchell for their set up of the event and an immaculate proceeding.

Thank you to everyone from visiting clubs, we hope to see you on Saturday the 11th of December for our second “Ham Day”.

We are lucky enough to have our grass green opening on Friday the 9th of December, so if you were looking to come and join the festivities, secure your place ASAP!

There are already 38 players with their names down!

Conditions of Play;

Random Teams

2 Bowl Triples – 21 Ends

Dead Ends Re-spotted

Lots & lots of hams!

Unfortunately, the winners & runners up cannot be revealed until the 18th of December for our “Ham Day” presentation! Which also includes raffles of hams, participation awards (also hams) and prizes of, more hams!

To join in on the festivities on the 11th of December, contact John Mitchell on 0458 737 988.

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